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P5N32-SLI premium and quad core

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August 28, 2009 6:53:43 AM

Hey there guys
I own a P5N32-SLI and I'm wondering if it will run the lower end quad cores like Q6XXX.I've seen it run a Qx6700 as seen on this screenshot:
but I still wonder if it's just a fluke or does it actually work.The controversy comes from the fact that ASUS haven't listed this(or any other quad)CPU as supported but I can say that I don't list their website as frequently updated and doubt the quality of their customer support.It's still the 65nm technology and its still socket 775,so I'm wondering if anyone else has experiencewith this MB and quads he'd like to share.

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August 28, 2009 9:06:38 AM

Looks like the MB has no support for C2Q's. ASUS rarely issues a ver. 2 with hardware upgrades of previously released MB's like Gigabyte does for example. What a 'soft' BIOS update will not support in the way of new hardware (CPU's), ASUS issues new MB models. Apparently, the P5N32-SLI has a chipset limitation or a voltage shortage to support C2Q's. If you have a problem with ASUS updates and support of their MB's, be prepared for a frustrating experience with other distributors. Premium&product=1&os=25

EDIT. CPU support link will not work. C2Q's are not supported by any BIOS release ASUS has issued for the MB. The product is likely out of warranty and surther support by now.
August 28, 2009 9:58:41 AM

I'm still in doubt though,due to the screenshot.My current bios is version 1002 while the screenshot shows a 7XXX version from 2007(my own update being 2008).Would still like to hear from someone that's actually tried putting a quad on P5n32.Due to ASUS's support's unreliability there's no hard proof that the MB won't support a quad core with 775 socket.
Also about the voltage:It seems that my current core runs at a higher voltage than what the SS shows.As far as I know the voltage is proportional to the heat the core emmits and I have no heat problems with my MB whatsoever with the amount of fans that I've put in.(49C at most and it's usually pretty steady)
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August 28, 2009 11:42:13 AM

My question would be, why do you want to run a modern processor on an old outdated board? If I was wanting to upgrade, which would be because I needed a performance improvement, I would want everything to be 100% compatable and working together correctly. I like to know that what I have paid for is doing what it is supposed to do, and not just half-ass working in some under performing manner.
But, I guess there are a lot of folks out there that half-ass is good enough........???