Nvidia 9800 GTX+ crashes on Call Of Duty 4 and WAW

Hey my little brother is having a ever since he recently bought he's 9800 GTX +. He;s specs are as follows:

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+, MMX, 3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHz
Motherboard: Asus M2V
Hard Drive:
250 GB
Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+
Power Supply: Shaw 550 watt
Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2

What happens is that after a while of playing the game freezes, strange boxes start appearing and images go fuzzy, no error message comes up and he has to end the process from task manager.It only seems to happen on call of duty 4 and call of duty: world at war.When he installs the latest nvidia driver he's screen appears black on reebot untill he somehow manages to revert into the windows xp last good known configuration or safe mode.He can play call of duty 4 and waw on safe mode without problems.Who ever can help me solve he's problem will be thanked kindly! :)
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    If it only happens in COD4 and COD WAW and no other game,then download the patches of these games.

    But u say u cant install new drivers either,right ?
  2. Yep correct
  3. That's really weird... exactly what NVIDIA 9800 GTX+ does he have? I honestly can't think of anything else but to reinstall Windows, then reinstall the video card drivers. Someone here may have a better suggestion though.
  4. It is a Gigabyte 9800 GTX+ wich comes with a zalman cooler. He doesnt like the idea of formatting/reinstalling windows though. I once repair installed win xp and it had errors copying some system filesi even tried with a diffrent win xp cd.But it looks like a software problem more than a hardware one. He is now also having trouble installing any nvidia driver, it's saying no compatible hardware found even though the card is running up and good physically. So yeh well just have to wait and find a solution.
  5. Install the patches of the games and see if they make any changes.
  6. He cant because the nvidia driver itself is having problems as i mentioned above
  7. Shaw 550w PSU... I don't know how good this brand is but I'd try with a better quality PSU.
  8. Try this and see if it helps.
    Get a copy of driver sweeper and delte the Nvidia drivers should have it.

    Sometime Nvidia drivers have a little trouble unless they get deleted completely.
    Then try to install the drivers and see if it is any better.

    Also go here for the drivers
  9. thnx i will try this today :)
  10. Let us know if the driver sweep fixes things. If not, then maybe something's really wrong with your friend's hardware. You could also try checking for malware or other bad software stuff.
  11. nah it didnt work though it does install now, just doesnt detect with the latest nvidia just the original nvidia driver that came with the cd i think its he's mobo but yeh ill try to figure it out
  12. I have a similar problem - COD and GTA4 both crash the system randomly after a few minutes, requiring a restart. Looks the GFX card is hanging. Here is my setup:

    MB: Gigabyte S775 Intel P35 ATX DDR2 Audio
    Mem: 4X1GBKIT 240PIN PC2-8500 DDR2 (OCZ 8500 SLI)
    CPU: Intel E6550 S775 2.33ghz4mb
    Disk: Caviar SE 160GB S300 8mb
    Sound: SoundBlaster Audigy SE 7.1 OEM
    PSU: DABS 650W PSU Black 12cm SATA PFC (branded Atrix)
    OS: XP SP3

    I have the latest drivers for all components, including recent (march) nVidia drivers for the BFG.
    No overclocking.

    My system worked perfectly until I upgraded the graphics and memory recently and added the Creative SB Audigy card.

    My memory went from 2Gb OCZ 6400 to 4Gb OCZ 8500 SLI, and in desperation I tried slowing it down in the BIOS to 6400, which has fixed the crashes in both games. This might help you to diagnose if you have a similar problem.

    However I'm still trying to work out what has gone wrong. Does anybody think a BIOS update help? This problem seems a fundamental hardware issue, I'm thinking about taking the GFX, Mem and Audio out and putting it back together again with a power up after each component to see if it refreshes a timing setting somewhere. Is this likely to help?
  13. Recently I bought a new machine with a 3D Club 9800GTX+, I have been experienced the same story you all write. New hardware, new installed Windows nothing worked. At last i tried a NVidia 295 GTX and now all games work. Which also proved, that it wasnt my PSU who was at fault. Tried two 9800GTX+ same brand same errors, then an older 9800GTX same problem.
  14. So anyone suggest something, if you bought in the pcworld you can give it back, or order techguys which will help you.
  15. Based on the similarities among all your computers, there are issues with the 9800 GTX+ itself, or COD has a bug that keeps it from working properly with the GPU?
  16. Hi , unfortuned users of 9800gtx+ , can I join in the club ?

    I have this vga with my new system and I suffer several crashes while playing COD 4.
    Since a week ago I been trying to figured out if my psu is too small or I receive a defective vga.
    The crashes was very heavys sometimes ( I cant reboot only turning off the system from the back switch of the psu).
    Now I found this tread and Im very disapointed , becose I buy this vga just to play COD4 with better graphics.

    Anyone could find a solution to this issue ?
    Which model of Nvidia I can trust to buy , of the 200 series ?

    I read that the 295 works fine , but I cant reach that price , maybe someone try cod 4 in the 250 or the others models

    Thanks in advance

    PD:Sorry for my english :heink:
  17. Same here, ASUS GTX9800 card crashes randomly. newest nvidia drivers installed. This sucks!!
    :fou: :fou: :fou:
  18. I try updating the BIOS of my motherboard and some issues has solve , but still have the shut-off video problem after an hour or less of play.

    Finally I change my VGA (9800gtx+) for an 250GTS and no more crashes , flawless performance .
  19. I recently installed an XFX 9800GTX+ Black Edition 785Mhz to my system and I play the COD4 game for hrs without an issue. over 500fps looking at the sky and up to 250fps walking around.

    I have an M2A32 MVP mobo(crossfire I know) with a 6400+ AM2, OCZ ATI 6400 ram 4gig, OCZ 600watt PS.

  20. GUYS the solution is here just disable the physX from the Drivers properties and the game wont hang again
  21. i am using the nvidia 186.18 this is the only driver that works with out the fan spin problem i think that XFX is working on solving this problem
  22. 186.18 or earlier
  23. My SLi 9800gtx cards also crash my PC.

    XFX GeForce 9800 GTX + 512MB
    Intel Core i7-920 2.66Ghz 8M LGA1366
    tri-channel OCZ Platinum 6144MB PC16000 DDR3 2000MHz
    Windows 7 x64
    Any advanced/modern game (Left4Dead, Crysis, BF2, etc.)

    I can only make it a minute or three, then everything locks-up. Requires a "reset" - Alt+tab doesn't work, Ctl+Alt+Del doesn't work - total lock-up.
    After reset, everything works fine.

    Here's what is happening in my case...
    When it locks-up, I notice the sound of a fan kicking on. When I hit reset, the fan stays on. So then I can play for hours without a problem. It's only after a cold-boot or hibernation that the fan is off.
    If I turn SLi off, it won't crash.
    So it looks to me like the secondary video card has the fan turned off as a power-save feature. A defect, either in the hardware or the driver, causes the system to lock-up when it turns on.
    So I wonder... how many of you are crashing the same way?

    So I wasted my money on the 2nd card. It is too much trouble - have tried several drivers.
    Better to use one dual-processor Graphics card than two single-processor cards. Spend the same money or less and you'll have dual-GPUs all the time. SLi or Crossfire only work for games, not the rest of the OS and applications.
    But I certainly would like to fix this problem, since I already shelled-out the money and own these two cards.
  24. Hey, I got a little problem after many minutes you played Call of Duty 4 with all my jocu block sound, you try to solve this problem? I've been trying but I came out nothing, I installed Windows again, drivers new BIOS settings is ok, I own a 9800GTX + from XFX not give head: (, waiting for a reply if you do something. Thanks ancitipat!
  25. hello, about Call of Duty 4 I will block jocu about after many minutes can you tell me what you did, the driver works fine with that? . Thank you in advance!
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