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I am looking to do a pretty much high end upgrade to my current system. The upgrade will need to encompass CPU, Motherboard, and RAM as I am currently using an AMD Socket 939 Mobo and AMD 64 3800+. I was looking on new egg today and selected these as possibilities... does anyone have any input on whether these parts are of high quality and the best bang for the buck? I am trying not to spend too much now, but would like to leave things so I can upgrade them more later if need be...I dont want to run into the problem like I have now where I cant find a socket 939 processor for an upgrade.

Current Specs:
AMD 64 3800+, Asus A8N5X Motherboard, Seagate 80gb SATA HD, 3GB (2x1GB 2x512mb) DDR RAM, Radeon XFX HD4650 1GB.

Potential Upgrade: or

I am unsure whether to go with the DDR2 1066 or DDR2 800 RAM....Also is this processor worth it? What about the AMD Phenom 9600? Or should I just go with a dual core?

Please help! Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Because you don't want to end up like your current system socket 939, you should opt for AM3 motherboard now. A decent AM3 motherboard only costs a little bit more than a comparable AM2+. DDR3 prices are now near DDR2 prices.

    Base on your suggestions, your budget appears to be around: $280

    This is just my suggestion, as I don't know what exactly what you are using your system for.

    Get this Asus 790GX board /w 720 X3 BE for $215

    You can fill in the DDR3 memory with a $60 kit, without any fancy heatspreader.

    A complete AM3 setup for the same cost.
  2. well i plan on using the system for gaming and some movie/sound making.

    do u think its better to go for the 3 cores and the other motherboard?

    the motherboard i had selects was supposed to be AM3/AM2+/AM2, is this not the same as a strictly AM3 Motherboard? Thanks for the response!

    Also with the deals and the rebates on the RAM etc along with a code i found for the x4 920 processor I was able to get the mobo CPU and memory for $240-250 depending on whether I picked 800 or 1066 RAM.
    See below:

    This just seems like about the best bang for the buck I can get unless I get a dual-core processor or the regular Phenom series which I have heard bad things about...

    edit: also my old HD is 1.5gb/s SATA i believe.. would this work with a new 3gb/s SATA board?
  3. The reason AM2+,AM2 motherboards list themselves as AM3, is because AM3 processors are backwards compatible with AM2+, AM2 sockets. AM3 motherboards are DDR3 only and cannot accept AM2+, AM2 processors. 920 is AM2+ only, so it will not work with AM3 motherboards.

    There is nothing wrong with your choices. It's a very good performance jump from your current setup.

    I'm just giving you an alternative AM3 setup, at a similar cost. If you plan on overclocking, then the BE, whether it's X4 or X3 are the better choices.
  4. So the AM3 Setup would probably be more attuned to upgrades later on?
  5. I would drop the 920 and go with the phenom 940.. the 1066 ram is nice as well.. The 940 is an AM2 but its only 189 in the US which is a nice price.. But if you want to really oc go with the 955... but you pay a premium for the 200mhz bump if your just not doing much beside looking at it..
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