Corsair H70 & i7 930

I recently purchased a Corsair H70. I am overclocking the system 4.2 GHz 21x200 w/ 2.
At idle it sits around 33-35c, at full load w/ prime it hovers around 77c
I would like to get the load temps cooler.

Asus P6TD Deluxe motherboard
CPU voltage is 1.33v
ICH is 1.9v
RAM is 1.66v
QPI is 1.35v

Any lower voltage on the CPU and I blue screen

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  1. Options are better fans on the H70, Better air cooler or proper water cooling
  2. I honestly think that I could lose a few degrees of temp with some voltage tweaks. The fans on the H70 push and pull quite a bit of air, albeit loudly. New fans could help, but I am not too sure how much.
    I am curious to hear from members on tweaking the voltage a tad, I really think I am overvolting somewhere unnecessarily.
  3. You may not want to do this but turning off HT should drop your temps by a good amount. Most software doesn't require more than 4 threads anyways.

    Besides that it sounds like you have already tweaked the voltages properly. 77c while running P95 is fine at 4.2. The stock intel cooler will run higher than that at stock speeds!
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