5v rail drop

HI Guys, first of all this are my specs:

i7 920
ati 5870
gigabyte x58aud3r mobo
colermaster silent pro 1000W
6gb ram 3x2 Kingston

Well, first of all when im using my cpu on stock speed and normal voltages, my 5v psu Rail, (im watching it on everest and the application taht the mobo comes with) fluctuates between 4.92 and 4.89 the 12v is 12.12 always even at full load and the 3.3v is at 3.31 -3.3 at full load. But, if i change the qPI clock the 5v rail drops in full load between 4.84 -4.73 no mather what Vcore i use. any ideas ??? BTW if i run prime no errors Bsod or Restars happen.

Ty for reading my post =)
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  1. If your not getting any stability problems I wouldn't worry about it. The only way your going to know the exact voltage would be by using a multi-meter, no software is going to be that accurate.
  2. always use regulator or UPS give stable supply
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