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My graphics card has been fine for the first few months, but know its started this terrible wirring noise. I can't find my receipt anywhere to get it replaced, so I may be forced with having to fix it my self before it completly packs in.

I did try peeling back the sticker in the middle of the fan, in the hope that there would be a plug to remove and then drop some suitable oil in, but no luck. I can't see how to lubricate this fan from the front.

The card is the Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT 512MB DDR3, low profile to fit into a slim case.

The fan is sealed behind the plastic enclosure of the entire heat sink assembly, I'd have to completely take the hole thing apart. It also looks like the copper plate is bonded with sticky pads to all the chips underneath.

I've never done this before, so I'm worried about pulling to hard on the copper plate and breaking something, what if they've used glue to bond it to the card ? and I don't even know if I'll be able to find where to put the oil into the fan!

Any help is appreciated.



DELL C521, Athlon 64 X2 5000+, 2GB RAM, Vista Home Prem SP1
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  1. Those fans are sealed and you`ll break it if you try to remove it.
    That said, perhaps something has just got stuck between the fan blades and cowling, it wo n`t take much so first off just take it out and give it a close inspection, using a magnifying glass if need be.
  2. Thanks for the help.

    When you say 'cowling', which part do you mean?

    There is no plastic cage for the fan, its only protection is the plastic shield for the whole assembly (including heat sink). There seems to be good clearance with this.

    It heat sink assembly makes it impossible to get around the fan to brush away any dust. I don't know if compressed air might help ?

  3. Yes, the shield is what I ment.
    This is really just trying but try to spin the fan with your fingers and see what type of noise it makes if it`s the fan motor it`ll probably `tick` or click if it`s something catching on the blades it`ll whirr. But I have the feeling the fan is defective and you`ll get the clicking or ticking sound, caused by a faulty bearing.
  4. Hi, I don't seem to have any audible noises turning the fan manually. There are just the usual magnetic resting points.

    Its almost like the Fan is either slipping on axel or its not working correctly of the PWM signal. Even when I use RivaTuner to fix the duty cycle at 100%, the wirring noise goes up and down in pitch and stops and starts. very strange.
  5. ...its ability to cool certainmy seems to be diminished, my GPU temp shot up to 99 degC and the game started to stutter has it throttled back. I'm gonna have to tear the house apart to find that receipt.

    Why can't they make the only moving part on these things easier to maintain ?
  6. ha ha - this card is getting old but still works great for me in my low profile case.

    My fan went and I replaced it. Just ripped it out, got a replacement fan - similar size, higher amperage, different mounting system. I had to make a mounting system out of matchbox cardboard. Cut a circle shape, cut out a pacman mouth shape for the new fan base to slide into - and then poked three holes for the tiny screws. This holds the fan tight against the board so it doesn't bump into the cowling when you put it all back together.

    Go Canucks!
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