C1E/Cool N Quiet/Spread Spectrum? Question/help?

I was advised when overclocking to disable all 3 of these as well as smart fan control.

i kinda understand what they all do from the sounds though c1e and CnQ are almost the same? they are both voltage and multiplier throttling tools for when you are idle

spread spectrum throttles your BUS speeds?

neways i understand why disabling them can help you more easily determine a stable overclock....

however my question is AFTER i obtain a stable Overclock should i leave these things disabled or can i safely re-enable all or some of them without causing stability issues/crash/performance issues?

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  2. Hi.

    It's not necessary that u disable all those things I only recommend C1E the other two can be enable without problem.
  3. anyways AFTER getting a stable OC can i turn them back on or no? that was my question
  4. Yeah u can do it but leave disable C1E
  5. y what happens if i turn c1e back on?
  6. You could have some stability problem but nothing sure sometimes happen sometimes not but usually with OC is disable.
  7. u sure? cuz i heard that u can re-enable and be stable so long as your OC was stable to begin with

    can anyone confirm/deny would like more opinions
  8. Pretty sure. In simple term, C1E is enhanced halt state or you can sya lower power state. It cuts the chip power consumption and heat production. In OC, C1E can stay on as long as it gets passed stress test but I usually disable it.
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    I turn off Spread Spectrum and leave it off. I turn off C1E and EIST (SpeedStep) while I am working up stable OC settings. Then I turn them back on.

    It doesn't bother me a bit for the CPU to loaf during light loads. :)
  10. do you have any stability issues with that JSC?
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