Issues with Gigabyte wp01gs

My connection suddenly dropped from 1500KB/s to 10KB/s. No issues with my other wireless stuff. Tried reinstalling, changing PCI slots, latest drivers, re-installing the original drivers from the CD, the Gigabyte connection software, back to Windows Zero, nothing helps. No idea what to try next.
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  1. Anything nearby that could cause interference?
  2. Unfortunately yes. It's on a media PC so TiVo, cable box, television, and Wii wireless are all right there. However, if I turn all those things off, I still have really slow connections, so I don't think that's it. I tried turning my old wireless router into a wireless bridge using dd-wrt, but that didn't work properly. Gigabyte basically told me to return the card to Newegg. It's beyond the 30 days Newegg will take it back, so I'm stuck.
  3. What connection, your Internet connection? A local connection?

    Measured how? Using ?

    Can you temporarily install the PCI card in another machine to see if it's a problem w/ the card vs. the machine? Or perhaps boot a Linux Live CD and see if things improves (of course, Linux is always a crapshoot when it comes to wireless, but maybe you’ll get lucky).

    Did you recently install any anti-malware utilities, esp. anything w/ active scanning (e.g., Norton, McAfee, etc.)? Some of these utilities can really kill your performance as they inspect every packet entering the system. Combine that w/ transfers from another local PC using the same utility and it can get pretty bad.
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