Core i5-750 @ 3.2GHz temperature

I've built a system recently using a core i5-750 as the processor with a GeminII S cooler, OCZ Freeze on an MSI P55M-GD45 mobo. EIST & Turbo are on.

I'm in the middle of stress testing the system, and I'm concerned about the temperatures I'm getting. I feel that they should be a lot lower than what they're showing in RealTemp

I did IntelBurnTest 20x and the temps went to about 73/74 C, OCCT a little less, and right now in Prime95 I'm getting about a max of 68 C.

Are these temperatures safe? Are they high for what I'm cooling with?
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  1. not safe really dangerous for CPU untill 74C (warning)! please prepare to buy New
  2. 1:what are the IDLE temps?
    2:Ambient temp?

    btw 68C on prime seems ok!
  3. I figured it out. The motherboard I'm using has really shitty voltage control. It's a p55m-gd45, and the only options it has for vcore is Auto and increasing increments of mV. Supposed if it's left on Auto with the text greyed out, it's at the stock voltage, but what was happening is that it was jacking my vcore up to 1.224v, way above stock.

    I ended up having to set vcore to +.006 to set it at a static vcore so that it wouldn't go so high during load.

    A word of advice, avoid MSI motherboards like the plague. For a board aimed at overclocking, the shitty voltage controls in the AMI Bios are a big nonsensical error. I won't be buying MSI again anytime soon.

    Stable now for 8hrs of prime, 2hrs of OCCT, 20 passes IBT. Max Temp was 61 degrees celcius with the vcore and vtt set just above stock.
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    well just because its stable doen't mean that its ok.....keep an eye on your temps...idle should be in the 25* to 30* C and on full load if your at 70*C and under that will be ok since you will probably never maxx out a CPU on anything but torture test software like burntest and prime95
  5. Yeah I'm watching them. Idle is right around 25 degrees, and I'm doing another prime95 with large FFTs and it's not getting above 56/57 Celsius.
  6. your getting really good cooling then. You should not be worried about anything :D

    i get 67*C on my i5 pushing the 4.3GHz barrier so i took it back down to 4.16GHZ :D
  7. Yeah, the problem was related to poor voltage control on the motherboard. Not the best fix, but it will have to do.
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