New p6t deluxe v2 teething troubles

I have just built a new i7 system (details in signature) and noticed the pci express bandwidth is showing as 2.0 x8 instead of x16- cpu-z, gpu-z, ncp, everest etc. It's a single card in the blue (1st) slot, tried the others with same results. afaik it should default to x16 in the 1st slot with no messing in the bios. Are others getting x16 with a gtx285? Think I might have to rma the board or the card :cry:

Also, I have a megahalems cooler on the cpu with 1 fan blowing(antec p180 case with top and back case fans blowing air out and front middle one sucking in) and wondered which way I should orient it, I've tried both ways and can't see a great amount of difference in temps. It's pointing up the way just now and idling around 30C @ 3.6ghz with all the fans blowing hard. It heats up to around 40C with the fans at low speed. My core temps seem to be around 10C higher consistantly.

Any chat would be great!
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  1. oops- no sig for some reason:

    p6t deluxe v2 | i7 920 | 6GB 1600mhz corsair ddr3 | BFG GTX 285 ocx | antec p180
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