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so i am looking at two mainboards, both from ASUS and I want to use this processor on one of them:


the two mainboards:



looking into overclocking the mainboards to get support for higher speed memory but which mainboard can get overclocked to a higher speed and still remain stable?
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  1. I choice vote mobo number two :
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] -_-Product
  2. If you're already spending the cash on the 980X, I'd definitely say go with the Rampage III. It is one of if not the best X58 boards you can buy. As far a memory goes, you don't really gain too much in real world apps from memory overclocking, and your overclocking headroom will be affected more by what type of memory you buy than the capabilities of those boards.
  3. but see i don't want to get stuck with 1600 mhz memory, i want to get at least 2000 mhz memory through overclocking, isn't that possible?
  4. The board supports up to 2200 mhz DDR3, so the limiting factor should be the ram, not the motherboard.
  5. unless i find speed of the memory that hits 2000 at least.
  6. Yes.
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