HDV editing i7 system -advice needed


almost ready with ordering. Please let me have any comments on the system below. Main purpose is HDV video editing.

CPU: i7 920
CPU cooler: Asus Triton 81
Motherboard: Asus P6T Green
CGU: ATI 4850 512 MB
RAM: OCZ 6GB 1600MHz
Hardisc: 2.5 TB 7200rmp (1TB + 2x 750GB RAID 0)
Blue Ray Burner: HG GGW H20L
DVD ROM: Lighscribe dual burner
Power: Corsair 650W
Case: Thermaltake V9
Vista: Home Premium 64bit
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2693HM
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  1. Not bad at all. :)

    Try to stick with WD for the hard drives. Seagate is a bit flaky these days.

    You can skip the cooler unless you OC.
  2. Why spend so much on the build and get a decent GPU, but not a better one? I would check out a 4870 (1 GB if possible) or even a GTX 260. It seems like a huge monitor and a lot of $ to spend and not get a better GPU.

    +1 to the HDD suggestion. WD all the way (check out the 640 B HDD)
  3. will he really need a better GPU for HDV editing?
  4. If there is going to be no gaming, then something that will provide smooth HDV playback, which these days is not much at all. I would suggest a HD4670, or an HD4830, both really arent too much and will be plenty.
  5. Hey I like your build,
    Just a thought though you might want to go ahead and buy a couple more drives to build a faster raid array... With two drives before you know it your transfer rates will drop to about 100MB's a sec. HDV with run fine on that but as soon as your start makeing high quality graphics with alpha's and if you can uncompressed codec's your two drive array won't be able to handle anything. Trust me i just ran into this problem with a G-technologies extrernal esata raid enclosure (2x 1tb drives). If you can afford it put in some speedy drives maybe even 4 of the new seagate 7200.12s They are fast, cheap and run cool and quiet... Just make sure you give them plenty of burn in time. Cuz the 7200.11's have been iffy at best.
  6. thanks to all, I was considering a better (GTX 260, + 65 Euros) and less good CGU and thought that with the 4850 I would land somewhere in the middle. I will also look at a 3x 500GB RAID 0.
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