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Looking for 4 120mm fans for cooling

Last response: in Overclocking
November 1, 2010 5:42:27 AM

Hi I have a corsair 700D case I would like to buy an additional 4 case fans 120mm I have a Sentry 2 fan controller I would like the fans to be as silent as possible with good airflow but I cannot afford the noctua fans I am looking at a 20 - 30 budget for all the fans I was looking for some tips has anyone got cheaper fans they have found to work well.



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a b K Overclocking
November 1, 2010 1:35:39 PM

^+1. Also, if noise is important consider the Gentle Typhoons. The Typhoons are probably your best choice when it comes to noise vs performance.
a b K Overclocking
November 1, 2010 2:06:14 PM

I would've suggested the yate loons or nexus' or typhoons but they are slow at default speed (around 1500 rpm or less)......... since mike is using a fan controller i suggested him around 2000 rpm fans (and not 3000+ aka jet engine) so he can have the choice to crank up some extra CFM if needed.............
November 1, 2010 5:12:55 PM

Thanks for the replies I am from the uk so tend to use for products any thoughts on the following

120mm Thermalright Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan at max. 2000RPM £8.19

120mm Silverstone SST-AP121 Air Penetrator, 1500rpm £9.98

or should I go for

120mm Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1850 RPM £11.71


a b K Overclocking
November 1, 2010 8:51:25 PM

^ I say go for the Gentle Typhoons IF noise is on the top of your list. Else the Silverstone or TR will work.

@abully: That isn't an issue. These fans can start with little as 3v for some models. And all of them will work at 7v or more.
November 1, 2010 9:30:17 PM

Try a look at arctic cooling F12 pros. About £3-4 each, very quiet, and shift reasonable air. Admitadly cannot compete with my scythe kama jyunis with a controller, but they cost more than twice as much. I've been very happy with them.
Might be worth buying one just to try it. I have gotten mine from both and Feverpitchpcs (ebay shop). I have used both shops a number of times.