Hello, since i put windows 7 in my dvd+rw wont work
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  1. First, delete the upper and lower filters.

    If that doesn't fix it, run this Fixit scan.
  2. ive already done all that and it still wont work i know its not dead but yet it wont work :cry:
  3. Click on Computer. Is it showing there?

    Is it showing in the device manager?

    We need more details on how it's not working.
  4. yes it shows in the device manager its not reading it wont play dvds
    it says
    PBDS DVD +-RW DH-16WIS ATA Device
    ive updated the driver
    i have a dell inspiron 530 desktop
    its 2 years old and not under warrenty anymore
    the dvd and rw isnt used much and im sure its not dead
    this happen when i upgraded to windows 7 pro
    a few months ago it worked when i had vista with no problems
    so im thinking it has something to do with windows 7 not sure tho
  5. start-->computer-->is the DVD drive showing up there?

    Have you tried several different discs?

    Windows 7 and Vista, both use a default OS driver to recognize DVD drives. As long as you didn't have any issue while upgrading (you would've got a notice that it couldn't read a specific driver), then windows 7 shouldn't be the issue.

    Where did you get the driver that you updated it with?
  6. since i bought my computer from dell i went to there web site and got it
    there were no issues installing windows 7 but since i upgraded to it the dvd rw wont work yes i have tryed different discs a number of times
  7. Start-->control panel-->system and security-->device manager-->right click on the DVD drive, and uninstall it-->restart-->it will reinstall on restart.
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