GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P will not boot up past the main screen

Hello All,

I built a pc about 6 months ago with this GA-EP45-UD3P MB, Q9550, and 8GB OCZ Platinum DDR2 1066 memory. Everything was running fine up until about a couple of days ago and noticed that the pc wont get past the main boot screen. Whenever i turn the pc on, it will go to main screen, then go to the next screen where it will display the information about the video card but after that it seems it gets locked up and initiates the boot sequence all over again.

Another weird thing happening is that it wont let me enter any utilities, if try to push DEL or any other button nothing happens. It wont even let me enter the boot menu.

I am not sure where to start troubleshooting this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.
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  1. Tell us about your power supply.
  2. Have you recently added a new (or, actually, more likely old) USB device to the system?
  3. Currently in the system i have 1 hd for OS, 2 HD in Raid 1 and 4 HD in Raid 10. The power supply is a Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W. I havent added anything new to the server at all. I have connected a external USB HD to transfer stuff, but nothing else.
  4. Have you tried reseting the bios. You may have to look in the manual but it usually involves removing the battery and moving a set of jumpers to reset. Also unplug any accessories connected by USB cables not including the mouse or keyboard.
  5. Quote:
    I have connected a external USB HD to transfer stuff, but nothing else.

    That's it! And, lemme bet it's a WD - have had two similar reports, one of a WD 1Tb, one a 1.5Tb! Take a look here:

    and, if this problem hasn't killed your sense of humor - here's an amusing one: 'daughter turns on usb'
  6. Thanks Bilbat for the links. are you saying that if i unplug the external HD (yes it is WD :( ) and the reboot blues will go away? I'll have to try it once I get home. Will keep you posted. Thank You.
  7. I've seen it 'eat' overclocks; if you're not OC'd, and you find any lasting effects after unplugging it, a BIOS "Load Optimized Defaults" will take care of it; and, if your BIOS works right (some don't) you won't need to reset your RAID stuff.

    I have a little procedure I use, if I'm planning to reboot a million or so times to fiddle with the OC, and I don't want to wait for the RAID 'discovery' each time - might provide a little extra safety here - I disable the RAID (which would probably be fatal to the RAID if it were to 'hit the disks'), and set the first boot item to CDROM - then I stick a bootable disk (I use a copy of MemTest86+) into the drive to 'catch' the boot, if I somehow 'miss' it rebooting - that way, it can't trash the RAID, 'cause it never gets that far...
  8. Great, thanks. I'll try it out when i get home tonight.
  9. Always welcome!

    I just re-read this, and want to point out, you don't want/need to disable the RAID, in fact you're hoping the whole problem didn't disable the RAID - the 'change the boot sequence' trick is simply to 'catch it', before it can FUBAR the RAID if it's been bolixed up by the USB problem; best scenario - you unplug the USB, and the problem just goes away!
  10. Hello, Thanks Bilbat for the replies. I removed all the usb devices and unplugged the power for a bit and rebooted and the server came up fine. Thank You very much for your help.
  11. Always welcome!
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