Does RocketRAID and ICH10R RAID work together in the same system?

I'm currently running 2 WD 500gb drives in RAID 0 for my Windows Server 2008 machine off the onboard ICH10R RAID chipset. I want to add a RocketRAID 2300 RAID card with 4 1tb drives attached to it in a RAID 5 array (data only, no OS) and also continue to run my RAID 0 off the ICH10R chipset for the OS. I've read mixed reports on whether or not this will work so I need some clarification. I've seen some reports that the ICH10R RAID configuration screen disappears once the RocketRAID card is installed rendering their onboard RAID array useless. I've also seen a few others say they've had no problems but the information I've read has been very vague. I just want to make sure before I purchase the RocketRAID 2300 that it and the ICH10R can work together in the same system. I attempted to contact HighPoint with this question but their online support isn't working and I can't find a valid working number for them so I figured I would ask here as someone surely has run into this issue before.

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  1. So no one has attempted to use onboard ICH10R RAID along with an add-on RAID controller in the same system?
  2. Sorry. Can't say I have. The best way to find out, unfortunately is by trial and error unless someone else has tried.
  3. :o I have the same problem as u have asked about. Installing the 2300 immediatly the onmb amd raid controller goes buy buy :fou: Searching for a resolve has netted that: If you are only using the 2300 for data and no OS disabling the boot int.13 on the 2300 will allow both to exist in yr system. I have not been able to find where this is accomplished and still have an open ticket w/highpoint. :cry:
  4. I use ICHxR and added controller in one of my current systems. As long as the arrays are seperate (not that you could combine) you will be fine. With Intel ICH you should be able to select the controller to boot from in BIOS. Also if you disable init 13 (if you have the option) it will not load the bios on boot and should boot faster.
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