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I built a new system for my friend, now hes not that experianced with hardware, and he needed to change video cards. I was unable to install it for him, but after he installed the new video card he has been getting random system shutdowns.

He just recently told me that he was charging his phone and when his charger accidently hit the case it shut down again..

I'm thinking that the system is not properly grounded somehow... Maybe the motherboard is touching the case? but when he touches the case after leaving it for like 2-3 hours he dosent get any static charges or anything..

I'm just wondering why his computer might randomly shut down after installing a new video card. I thought that he might have accidently dismounted the motherboard when installing the new hardware...

What do you guys think?
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  1. Is the power cable for his video card fully inserted? The system shouldn't shut down when something hits the case (within reason).
  2. A little more information would be helpful. What are the system specs? What video card was originally in and what is the new GPU? What PSU is installed in the system? It's possible that the PSU can't properly power the new GPU.
  3. Assuming proper construction, shortstuff has a very good chance of being right. What happens when you reinstall the old video card?
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