Overclock i7 950

Hi Guys,
Would like some help o/c i7 950 0n a Gigabyte EX58 Extreme. Not looking too extreme, just rev it up a little.
Thanx in advance.
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  1. Hello and welcome to THW gsx1100fm,

    I do not have the parts you do or anything close to being that new and I cannot research your parts or how to overclock them best, as it is a time consuming hobbie to do so.

    I can point you in the right direction to a few guides on overclocking and maybe this will give you some information to accomplish what you want on your own.

    A basic guide and need to know information

    A little more detail

    Gigabyte's own i7 920 OC guide This is a PDF file.

    A well written and Complete OC guide

    Alot of the info about i7-920/930 are in general applicable to the 950, but not all.

    If I come across any other good links I will updae and post them here.

    Cheers, and good luck on your OC. :)
  2. chck out the overclocking stickies and if you have any other questions we would be happy to hel pyou out. I have a gigabyte board and 930, the bios in GA boards are very similar so I should be able to help you out. could you please give us a list of your parts? it would really help us find any potential issues that may crop up
  3. Parts?
    Not sure what you mean by parts sorry.
  4. 950 is bad for OC.
  5. parts, ie mainboard cpu ram model speed etc graphics card hard drive power supply ....etc
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