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Hello, what is the best push pin socket 775 heatsink I can get to oc an E5200 ? I do not care about how loud it is. I just care about it keeping my cpu cool. I have yet to find any 100+ CFM rated HSF combos so hoping for some help here.
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  1. You won't find a 100CFM fan coupled with a heatsink.

    Anyways, a Hyper 212+ will work well with that CPU. You should be able to hit 4Ghz or so depending on the CPU and board.
  2. ^+1 the 212+ isn't push/pin but probably the best choice price/performance wise.
    If you are set on a push/pin cooler the CM Hyper TX3 is decent.
    The very best push/pin cooler is the Scythe Yasya.

    I decided on this push pin hsf. In a review of many hsfs this beat the 212+ (and the 212+ isn't push pin so)
  4. ^ Yes, the S1283 is better, but it is a bit louder. Anyways, PLEASE try not to use push pins. Push pins are cr@p and break too easily.
  5. Exact same product much cheaper.
    Just pricematch at NCIX for cheap shipping.
    Xigmatek HDT-S1283 - $30.80
  6. Seriously consider getting a cooler that size with a backplate mount. Yes, it requires a little more work to install, but it won't come loose damaging the motherboard, CPU and cooler all at the same time if the pushpins fail to hold in the weight of the cooler. Your choice...20 extra minutes now...or new CPU/mobo later.
  7. 20 extra minutes .... uhmm I would say an extra hr or more ...
  8. ^ WHAT!?!? It only takes about 10 minutes to swap out a board.....
  9. what takes you 10 minutes would take me longer as I have small hands and short nails and no real pc kit stuff to work on computers with which is something I want to change ...

    need those plastic tweezers and extra parts to secure hardware to cases plus some anti-static wrist bands and ant-static bags for hardware
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