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Hey all,

Im currently thinking about buying a new gaming system and wondering if i could get some help putting together a parts order list from Ive seen the 1250 comp build and was looking at it as a guide line. But the i see people saying you can build and i7 machine with the new GForce gtx 295. I currently play games like wow, CoD, ect on a 1900x1200 screen, will downgrading to a different graphics card affect my game play by alot? what card would you suggest using?

Im looking at spending around 1000 dollars, no more then 1100. I was wondering if someone could post a sample i7 build. Is it possible to maintain a ~1000 budget using a gtx 295? If not, what card would you guys suggest going with?

What mobo would you suggest going for with the i7.

any help would be apperciated

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  1. An i7+GTX295 is only available to people willing to spend $1600+, both are out of your budget range. If you want to game, then you should consider a Phenom II or Core 2 build. You can build a very basic i7 for $1100, but it won't be able to play games on 1920x1200 resolution.
  2. Here is what you can do:
    CPU/GPU: 4870x2 + Phenom II x3 720 BE (does very well, close to the i7 in gaming and the 4870x2 is the second best GPU out there, the first is the GTX 295)

    Optical: LG DVD drive

    Case: CM 690

    HDD: WD6401AALS

    Ram: G. SKill PI Black 4gb DDR2-800

    Cooler: Xigmatek HDT-S1283

    PSU: Corsair 750tx

    Mobo:Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-UD4H

    That comes to $1077, then $40MIR. If you need an OS then you can get that for $100, Grand total $1137.

    If you need to cut back on something, then you can go with the Antec 300 case, and this mobo:
    That should put it under $1100 after MIR.
  3. You could get that build or the Core 2.

    either way is fine:

    Core 2 would have everything the build thekid put together just with a Motherboard change and the CPU:
    UD3P gigabyte.

    Would bring you up to right at the limit of $1100 after rebates so, your getting a better deal on the phenom II build and the Phenom II is more of the Alternative from the i7core build.

    Since you want the i7 but your on a budget, the P II is a budget builder for the i7, its a good choice
  4. You can change the PSU to this and save a little bit:
  5. LG DVD Drive $22 WD 640GD HD $75 Antec 300 Case $60 Corsair 650TX $100 - $20 MIR Xigma CPU Cooler $36 - $10MIR 4GB DDR2 800 $45 - $20 MIR 1GB 4870 $200 - $30 MIR Phenom II 720BE and Biostar 790GX $212

    $830 - $85 MIR

    Ok, so all your doing is playing CoD and WoW right, now, but these games will run at like 90 FPS on a Phenom II/4870 system at 1920x1200. The system I picked out is under your budget, so take whatever money you have left over and in a year or two when the 4870 just isn't enough and a second 4870 or simply replace your 4870 with whatever DX11 cards are out in full force then.
  6. MykC's build will be fine for what you want, My suggestion was based on the assumption you wanted the best thing possible for your money, but you can go cheaper and have fine results for what you play. If you want to play Crysis though, you should get a 4870x2.
  7. never mentioned if you needed a monitor...
  8. Quote:
    never mentioned if you needed a monitor...
    We sometimes just assume things and just get things all wrong. Seriously, there should be a sticky template that has like 10 questions on it that paints a clear picture. Keyboard, mouse, speakers, os, desk, computer chair and study light?
  9. Quote:
    never mentioned if you needed a monitor...

    Hopefully he does otherwise he can forget about a good gaming experience on that budget.
  10. We can fit a monitor into that.... Samsung 21.5" 1080p monitor $190 - $20 MIR

    $1020 - $105 MIR with tax and shipping you'll be over budget, so...... OCZ 600W $70 - $20 9800GT $90

    That cuts $140... $880 - $105MIR. Going to a 9800GT maybe extreme but I get by fine on it for now.
  11. MykC said:
    Just for fun.... an i7 build MSI x58 $210 - $15MIR

    Get the SLI version of that board if going with nvidia so you can add another GPU, or you can just get a 4830 for the same price which is a better card
    SLI board:


    Once again though, I think this is a waste of money if you want a gaming machine.
  12. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the infromation. Itll all help, As for the note on the monitor, i do not need one.

    AS for switching to the phanom 3, that works for me, i was shooting for the i7 because some people where saying that you might as well go with the new chip arcitecture for upgard purposes down the road, but if its out of range its out of range.

    thanks guys
  13. Yup, the 720BE is a great value CPU. Even though it's not too shabby at stock speeds, make sure you read some overclocking guides so that you can get the most out of it. I'm not too crazy about the stock cooler on that chip, but cooler MykC suggested for you ought to do great.
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