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Thanks guys clearing my previous doubts about WD Caviar blacks (marketing-non raids), all you tom's guys are very humble and helpful. Now, I am looking forward to buy two HDD to put them in raid 0 and use them in my gaming system. I want a net storage space b/w 1 TB to 1.5 TB. So, are their any equivalent (performance and reliability) options from seagate, hitachi or samsung that i can use in in raid 0. Some guys told me samsung F3's are better than caviar blacks, are they a good option ?

thanks in advance
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  1. I have many good suggestions but first I need to know your price range....
  2. 50 -80$
  3. jrwizbang said:
    I have many good suggestions but first I need to know your price range....

    my price range is 50$ - 70$, are they good ones in this range
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    I'm a big fan of WD black drives, good performance and never had any issues. However the reviews of the Samsung Spinpoint F4 sound pretty amazing and they're cheap too. (320GB for 43$)

    86$ for 640GB Raid 0.
    55$ for 500GB storage. (WD Blue or similar)
    141$ - 1,1TB


    129$ fpr 960GB Raid 0 (3xHDDs)

    If you have a intel chipset you can do some more interesting stuff through a matrix raid or you could buy drives with bigger capacity, but I wouldn't recommend that.

    You should think twice if you reaaally need 1.5TB raid 0. Remember if one drive fails all data will be lost and at 1.5TB that hurts.

    If it's just for gaming/better performance you shouldn't need that much. 1.5TB seems like could get 2 smaller drives for the system/games (remember to save all important stuff somewhere else or make backups) and use your old HDD or a cheap eco drive for storage.
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