FSB speed Effecting RAM stability, need help

Well i have just overclocked my CPU from 2.5GHz to 3.2ghz, with FSB speed goin from 333mhz to 430mhz (7.5multi (max)) and its causing slight ram instability, aprox 1error every 300% memtest. Vcore 1.3v
If the fsb is turned up more then the frequency of these errors increase but in all the frequencys that iv tried the fsb on (>400mhz and i would hate to go under this freq) it always comes up with the same ammount of errors.
The timing on the ram are auto, aswell as the voltage, the freq 1280 (roughly cant remember exactly what value) with the next value something around 1720 which causes boot failure even though memory is rated at 1600.
also if there is other key info which i have missed out pls highlight and i will get back to you with an answer.
My main aim is to get a 100% stable OC, i dont wana do a half assed job.

Is there any reason / fix that you guys can think of or advise, it would be much apreciated.

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  1. EDIT*
    I have run PRIME95 with small FFT and comes up with no errors (over 4 hours) up to 450mhz FSB, yet blend test fails within an hour on 430, and within 5mins on 450... hence my suspicions about ram and fsb speed
  2. increase volt ram, down ratio RAM from 1600 to 1333 (3:10) in bios
  3. VDIM is currently on 1.8 is it safe to go any higher? :S
  4. Sorry , I think Vdim still default, VDIM in boX can get 1.8V but it too high check your RAM with Memtes86+, for higher performance 1600MHz 7-7-7-24 can run Vdim 1.65
  5. Would help a little if you gave cpu and motherboard you have?
  6. its in my signature ;)
  7. i think the problem is when you increase your fsb, actually your whole motherboard is overclocked. so, even your cpu may be stable, other component may be not. and most unstable component is RAM.
    my suggestion, either u increase ur DRAM voltage, or, you decrease your RAM fsb, before you increase cpu fsb....
  8. I have managed to get it stable, but i have had to go down to 425fsb speed but memtest comes up with 0 erreors afetr 600% and ram is running at 1066, this isnt as high an overclock as i thaught i had originally but its up from 333 so im happy with it aslong as its stable, thnx for all the help tho <3
  9. yeach ... it mean we must go down ratio 1600(OC) to 1333 (3:10) if want stable performance can get higher FSB RAM & low latency Timming
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