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I want to feed my HD TV signal into my computer (for watching or video capture) via either HDMI or Component Video+stereo. I can find such inputs for S-video, but that's not "HD enough". Know of any adapters???
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  1. Yes, I have a USB tuner that correctly accepts off-air HD antenna signals, BUT, I want to connect an (HDMI or comp video) output from my satellite box inTO my computer so I can watch satellite HD on my computer screen. This actually works fine using s-video, but that doesn't give me "HD" in my computer. It seems that an "HDMI digital in to USB digital" adapter would be simple and useful, but I haven't found such a thing on the open market.
  2. This box can take HD through component input from satelite HD or cable HD box

    Its available at newegg
  3. But is it possible to get a PCI card to do the recoarding insted a external box ?

  4. I'm not aware of any PCIE-base product that accepts HDMI/Component Video input directly for capture/recording purposes. (For HDMI-base Recorders)This is partly due to Copyright Protection Laws that covers the HDCP compliant devices using HDMI. If such product appears today it means that copyright protected material can be copied directly from an output of a HDMI player(i.e. Blue Ray Player).

    The HDMI group is very sensitive to this specific issue, protection of copyright protected material specifically movies from Blue Ray disc.
  5. To follow-up... HD Broadcasters such as Direct TV/ Dish Network HD boxes are also required to comply with copyright protection laws specific to HD-Materials on its shows. So cable and Satelite boxes puts out HD materials on HDMI output only.

    I'm not aware of existing Sat/cable boxes that puts out HD on (Component video output). These compananies require HDMI. I may be wrong...So its possible that HD video comes out on new HD-Sat/cable boxes. My communications with Timer Warner/DirectTV/Dish Network in my area yielded no clear answer.
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