Removable MOBO Tray??

anyone know any nice cases with a removable motherboard tray??

every single antec and cooler master case ive looked at, does NOT feature a removable mobo tray

i will be doing my first build, this seems like it would make everything a lot easier? is this correct??
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  1. I haven't seen a removable tray for years. When I install a board, I take out the power supply and move the case connectors out of the way. Then remove any extra standoffs that don't line up with the motherboard holes.
  2. Almost all the Lian Li cases have motherboard trays.

    I have two. One is almost 13 years old, and still works great, with features some case companies are just getting to.

    The tray is very helpful when replacing the motherboard, or if you have a CPU fan that needs an under-mount.

    True, they are sometimes more expensive than Antecs or other brands, but trust me, you get what you pay for.
  3. my aging coolermaster wavemaster has a removable mobo tray. I have also had a hard time finding a new case with a mobo tray.
  4. michaelst_54 said:
    or if you have a CPU fan that needs an under-mount.

    Some newer cases such as Cooler Master have a cutout in the mobo tray for this purpose.
  5. It doesn't really make things a lot easier, as you can only plug in expansion cards, cables, etc after installing the MB tray anyway.
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