OverVolt GTX 460

I wanted to start a thread on my EVGA GTX460 1gb SC.

I've been searching for infomation and havn't really found any direct anwsers.. basically I'm hoping to get this card as overclocked as possible and I know overvolting is the key.

After raising my VDDC volts to 1.087v using nvidia inspector i was able to hold a higher overclock.

Then after reading some forums I was easilly able to flash my bios and overvolt up to 1.2125 volts.
Now I can overclock up to 950-2280 before i start seeing artifacts.. so that proves volting past 1.087 can stalize a higher overclock.

Now I'm curious as to any way to use the triple over volt function exclusive to the MSI vendor.
any useful feedback would be appreciated.
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  1. I would say...don't blow it up,

    good luck though
  2. im curious to see what scores your getting on 3Dmark Vantage on 1024x768 resolution everything set to performance mode...

    i have my GTX460 just at 1012mv with 887/1775/2275 OC and its a lil flakey but scores way past the GTX470 and about 500pts shy of a stock clock GTX480
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