Xigmatek Dark Knight vs Noctua NH-U12P SE2

Im not wondering whats better in value but whats better in performance.
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  1. depends on your OC needs!!!!!!
  2. It would also depend on where you live.
    I've seen the Noctua for $39.99 Canadian in the last week.
    That would make it an easy choice.
    The Noctua is the superior cooler when comparing the two.
    However the Dark Knight is a good cooler.
  3. i live in darwin australia, and its pretty hot here. average temp during the day is 30-33C. the noctua costs 86 and the dark knight costs 58 (aussie dollars)
  4. and im runnning a AMD phenom II x4 965, it probably wont be overclocked or unlocked
  5. then save the money and use stock cooler lol
  6. id rather be excessive and buy a cpu cooler than get fucked over and have to buy a new cpu due to my cpu melting
  7. For a low price and good cooler. Get Coolermaster 212 plus. If you wanna splurge, get a noctua d14 or prolimatech megahalems.
  8. Yep! i'd have to agree the 212+ is a good option for the price.
    CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ CPU Cooler - $39.00
    Another good cooler is this Zalman.
    Zalman CNPS10X Performa - $45.00

    Both of these coolers are reasonably priced compared to N.A. cost and also have replaceable fans and the option of adding another fan.
  9. YUP........ if no OC but need a better cooler then hyper 212 plus is more than adequate.......... if your mobo has pwm control then great otherwise control the fan speed using speedfan.............
  10. okay, but whats with all the elipseses :S
  11. u mean CIRCLES???
  12. Don't get a Zalman cnps10x performa unless your case has a ceiling exhaust as this cooler would be fitted vertically on an am3 board thus sucking air from the bottom and exhausting air upwards.
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