New 4870 vid card, but which cable do I use?

I purchased a new PC and HD monitor. Ive only ever used vga/super vga connectors with video cards and monitors before. Now im in new territory. This new 4870 card only has DVI and HDMI slots on it. What is the difference between each cable? I noticed a large price difference when i looked at my local store. My real question is what is the difference in PERFOMANCE? Thanks for any help in advance. Also, if you can point me to any links to do the research myself, that will be fine. Thank you.
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  1. Beside size difference hdmi is dvi with sound.
  2. DVI is the way to go. There's little to no performance difference unless you're driving a monitor >1920x1200 (in which case DVI is superior), and DVI cables tend to be cheaper than HDMI.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Im glad you said DVI:) I wasnt looking forward to spending alot more money on a HDMI cable. Thanks again.
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