WD Caviar Black vs Caviar Green

Regarding the Caviar Black & Caviar Green series of Western Digital HDDs , can anyone provide me with reviews or comparisons between these two series ?
What are the advantages or disadvantages for each of them ? Is there a significant difference in the performance , reading time , writing time , transfer rate .... etc ? Is it worth paying more money to get the BLACK or is it ok with the GREEN ? Which is good value for money ?

Any additional information would be very appreciated ?
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  1. The Green drives are optimized for low power usage and as a result they're noticeably poorer performers. In particular, they spin down after several seconds of inactivity so the first access to them after an idle period can take a few seconds.

    The Black drives are geared more toward performance and they don't have any power-saving features to slow them down.

    Choose a Green drive if you want bulk storage and performance isn't a concern. Green drives are especially good in external enclosures because they run a lot cooler than the Black drives.

    If you want a drive that performs well, particularly if you plan to install the OS on it, choose a Black drive.
  2. Is the performance difference that much ? or is it little ?
  3. You can compare the benchmarks between a black drive (WD10FALS) and a green drive (WD10EACS) here: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/hitachi-western-digital-terabyte,2017-5.html

    Specific models of blacks and greens vary a bit, but this probably reasonably representative for drives using the same platter density. Basically the black drive looks to have an access time and transfer rate that's about 20% faster than a green drive. It's really up to you to decide whether that's significant for your purposes.

  4. Another question please : What about the lifespan ?
  5. Well, theorectically, the Green should last longer. Practically, who knows?
  6. The black has 5 year warranty and the green 3 years, if that's a consideration.
  7. For practical purposes I don't think there's any way to know if Green or Black drives in general will last longer - and individual drives vary even more. Lifespan is not something I'd really worry about in terms of choosing a drive. Simply be aware that ANY drive can fail and have a sound backup strategy in place.
  8. Thanks a lot
  9. Caviar Black all the way! Unless you want to be a tree hugger saving energy, Go Caviar Black :)
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