Zalman 9900 led and i7 950 high temps normal?

Hi, I am wondering if my temps im getting with my cooler is to high. I have an i7 950 at 4 ghz with ht on I am getting around 40 idle all the way up to 90 degrees celcius. But when I turn off ht im getting up 70 load. But stock with ht and turbo on I am getting around 62 celcius and 34 idle. I am wondering if the high temps could be from my installion of the heatsink or my cpu just runs hot with ht on. Im wondering if I should lay my pc on its side and see if it makes a difference and if I should try different thermal paste.
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  1. Imo you would be better off with a different/better cooler if you're running at 4Ghz.
    If i was running my cpu at that speed i would want a cooler that allows user replaceable fans as well as an additional fan.
  2. Zalman 9900 still high temp for your CPU (90*C very HOT), i think you need xtreme Cooler for CPU may water cooling like Corsair H70 or Air Cooling : Noctua NH, Sunbeam, TRUX,
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