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So here's my dilemma

I have a dell xps 410 with 2x512mb ram (1 gig). Never changed the ram so basically its the default type of ram that comes with a xps 410 (no idea which type of ram it is). Anyways, I want to upgrade by adding 2 more gb of ram. Im thinking of getting 2gb of ram from my friend; the ram is from OCZ.

The specs of the ram are as follows:


So basically I need to know if I can have these 2 different types of ram on the xps 410 and what sort of problems I will encounter (if any).
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  1. The Dell site shows RAM available for that system of either PC-5300 (667MHz) or PC2-6400 (800MHz). The specs for your friend's RAM are PC-5400 (667MHz).

    Frankly, I don't know the difference between PC-5400 and PC-5300. But maybe someone here with this info now can answer.

    Generally, a system from a company like Dell is going to come with the least expensive RAM available when it was built, so your current RAM is likely PC-5300. A trip to the Dell site with your service tag# will let you know easily.
  2. From your service manual

    Type - dual-channel 533-, 667-, and 800-MHz DDR2

    Memory connectors - four

    Memory capacities - 512 MB or 1 GB

    Maximum memory - -4 GB

    So you shouldn't have any issues, the only thing is if you 533 in now it'll all run at 533, or if you have 800 in now it will all run at 677. Unmatched ram speeds will run at the lowest common speed.
  3. Thanks for the help guys.

    Anyways, I checked the OCZ memory configurator and it shows that this model can be used on a xps 410. The ram i currently have also runs at 667mhz so I don't think there should be a problem. I just wanted to know if the computer would lock up or the ram wouldnt work or something.

    Thanks a bunch.
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