How to most successfully install CPU into LGA 775 socket?

What is the best way to install a CPU into a LGA 775 socket? I was EXTREMELY careful the other day, but still managed to somehow bend one of those very delicate pins in the socket. I was able to straighten it, but now I am paranoid and feel I need to remove the CPU and check if any pins are bent each time I install it now, which just becomes an endless cycle because when you put the CPU back in, you could just be bending a pin again, and on and on. Please give me some tips on how to lower the CPU most successfully into the socket without pin problems. Also, what about attaching a CPU fan? Should you screw it down tight or will that put too much pressure on the CPU and pins and cause bending/breaking? I have a Zalman 9700 that uses a bracket to attach to with a metal clamp that holds the heatsink to the CPU. Can this be attached too tight? Thanks for the help.
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  1. whit80 said:
    What is the best way to install a CPU into a LGA 775 socket?

    Very carefully.

    I usually put one ede down in the socket, then very carefully lower the rest of the chip in place. Having said that, why are reinstalling the chip?

    Heatsink with the mounting brackets: I run the screws down until they are seated, then apply just a little more pressure to put some tension on the threads so the screws do not loosen.
  2. Here is Intel's video on the subject:
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