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i want 2 know if i can run a ati 4890 on my 750i and e8500 i am concerened because it is an amd card and might not work on my intel pc. power supply is good . please help.
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  1. It'll work fine.
  2. cjl said:
    It'll work fine.

    how r u sure
  3. Quote:
    how r u sure

    What? :fou: :fou: :fou: Unless you wanted to cross fire 2 ATI cards it doesn't matter.

    This is common knowledge, all you need is a pci express x16 slot and adequate power, it can be an nvidia, intel or amd chipset.
  4. Quote:
    how r u sure

    Because the PCIe-x16 slot is standardized, and backwards compatible?
  5. its gonna be fine, you just wont get crossfire. by the way, i recommend that you read the amd 4890 article here on tomshardware because the 4890 only gets like a 10% gain vs the 4870 1gb edition. price/performance, the 4870 1 gb is wins.. 4890 isnt worth that 250 dollar price tag IMHO
    30 dollars more and you can get the flagship single card solution by nvidia. the GTX 280 (well actually the fastest single card solution is the GTX285) not counting dual GPUs of course
  6. Yes no problem.I have a 4870 and I ran it on my P5N-D with a 750i chipset.No issues what so ever.I just happen to like my GTX260 better.Goodluck.
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