Is my CPU dead?

I have an ASROCK 939 DUAL SATA mobo with Athlon 64 1800+ and 2.5GB of 333Mhz RAM, GeForce PCI-E 8600 GT 256MB video and ViewSonici 2038 monitor. PC will power on and CPU fan runs and hard drives spin up but I get no video signal at all. I swapped out video card with GeForce 7600GT and still no video signal at all.
All this started when I removed the 330Watt powersupply and installed an ORION HP585D power supply to handle the bigger 8600 GT card. After connecting all the connectors, it powered up FINE the 1st time. It was running for about 3 minutes and then I powered it down. Repeated attempts after that to get it to display a video signal have been unsuccessful.

Took out the new power supply and put the old one back in but it remains down.
My monitor says - "NO DIGITAL SIGNAL" thats all. I get no boot screen to BIOS --- nothing. Connected monitor to 2nd PC and it works fine.

I think you get some kind of error beeps if there is some kind of problem but I don't get any kind of beeps when I boot up.

Any my CPU just toast??

thanks Steve
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  1. most likely the PSU failed
  2. 1269pdx said:

    Any my CPU just toast??

    Probably not. More likely,you have a problem with your power supply or motherboard.

    Check out this thread for some troubleshooting ideas:
  3. FIXED - it was a bad memory module. Taking them one at a time worked.
    Thanks for the tips.
  4. interesting that you got no beeps; perhaps you have no mobo speaker?
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