Supreme Commander on HD4850?

I'm planning on buying a new HD4850 and I was wondering if I will be able to manage good frame rates with max details.
I will be running at 1280x1024 and I don't care really all that much about AA/AF as long as the options are high and fps is smooth enough.
Also, I constantly use the space bar to change the view angle to look at units in various angles. Will that drop the fps a LOT?
I believe SC is smoothly playable now, because from what I have seen from Youtube videos the motion is very smooth.
Or maybe should I spend a lil bit more and get the HD4870... is it worth the extra cost? (the cheaper the better for me, I'm on budget)

Help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Sumpreme commander is a more CPU-Limited game than GPU-Limited,with a HD 4850 u will be fine on that resolution,with a good CPU u will have no worries :)
  2. Yeah, SupCom relies much more heavily on the CPU than the GPU. What CPU do you have? If I remember correctly during benchmarks around its launch, it was nearly impossible to get smooth framerates with 7 CPU-controlled players without a quad-core.
  3. eh, I currently have a Phenom x3 8400 stock.
    I'll usually be playing 2v2 or 3v3 matches on maps not too big...
    Should I really upgrade to a quad-core?
    But the mobo only supports phenoms up to 9600, and I don't want to change the mobo just yet..
    I played 2v2 matches with a LOT of units and I think it didn't slow down as much as I thought, at least the fps was consistent enough.
    Yeah, I think I'm getting the HD4850 anyways lol.
    Thanks :)
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