Please critique: All component, new AMD Deneb home build

AMD Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0GHz Build

Please let me know of any issues you see with this build WRT pairing of components, capacity, fit etc. It's an "I need it all" build from CPU to case to mouse. I plan on overclocking, though I don't have experience, it really doesn't look all that difficult w/ lots of good guides and helpful folks out here. =)

It will be our new primary home PC with gaming, some photoshop/picasa work and general home productivity. I'd hope for it to last at least 3-5 years like my current Dell XPS Gen 2 has (but it's old and slower now... =).

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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  1. The 790FX boards will do you no good unless your planning on running 4870x2s in crossfire or 4850x2s.

    PSU you have won't do 4870's in crossfire because it doesn't have 4x 6 pin adapters. You need to move up to the 750tx. Is better valued ram, there won't be any real world difference in performance.
  2. TY. So assuming I don't plan on going crossfire, what is the best board (quality and OCability) you would recommend?
  3. From what I've read is your OCing a BE chip on a 7series AMD board there is really no difference between the overclock ability of the CPU/mobo combo. $260 is a good price. If you can live with a BioStar mobo.

    If you can't handle the BioStar brand and you can handle a mATX board then the: Gigabyte 780G mATX $80 Asus 780v mATX $75 Asus 770 ATX $80
  4. Thanks for the ongoing advice. It looks like the dark knight provides a bit better cooling (and a bit more noise) so for the few bucks I may stick w/ it, but I hear where you're coming from. =)

    I also may opt for the ASUS brand ATX (not mATX) mobo you suggested. I highly doubt I'll go dual-video cards (crossfire) on this machine, and I was hoping to shave off a few bucks on the mobo too.

    If you have a sec, can you explain why you suggest the specific resolution/ratio on the monitor choice?


  5. MykC said:
    Also for the CPU cooler, the is cheaper and is essentially the samething.

    The Xigmatech Dark Knight comes with the retention bracket, a $15 savings, and the review on frostytech shows it has very similar performance to the traditional 1283 rifle.
  6. The S1283 is ranked higher that the DK (granted the difference is like 2 deg). I don't think the retention bracket is needed on the AMD boards.
  7. The 16:10 format is awkward and from the trends I've seen the market place I would assume its going to be phased out. 16:9 is the HDTV format and the two LCD markets are convergying. If you watch movies on your desktop any movie in the 16:9 format will have a black border around the image rather than full screen. There doesn't seem to be any real advantage to 16:10.

    The one thing I might mention some older games don't support 16:9 resoultion like Doom 3 1.1 patch. But thats pretty much the only game that doesn't that I've come across.

  8. Well, based on some initial feedback (TYVM) I have:

    1) updated the monitor
    2) did choose the S1283 Xigmateck cooler
    3) chose the somewhat less expensive Corsair DDR2 800 RAM
    4) most importantly, chose an ASUS M4N72-E Mobo

    I'd really like a high-quality Mobo, and I guess this leaves the option for growth I may not anticipate at this time.

    Continued comments welcome. TY.
  9. You need an AMD 7 series motherboard to use AMD overdrive the windows base utility that makes OC your CPU and GPU in windows. Also from what I've heard the 750 chipsets can be trouble. 790GX Asus motherboard $140. Its out of stock now, but hold out. 790GX Asus as well $140, not sure what the difference is, it seems like a newer board and officially supports the Phenom II out of the box. And is in stock.
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