Please help have psu question for gtx 285

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  1. i would go with a corsair PSU there the best on the market, the 850w would be better than that 1000w you linked to
  2. i have already ordered it it shipped out like 8 hours ago and then i read something about needing 42 amps and i really dont know how to read the output on the specs i just understand the wattage if it dont work then i will look into the corsair
    i was just worried it would not work
  3. Yes, that PSU is more than needed, there are around 5 12V rails on that PSU. It is fine for 2 GTX285's,
  4. Not a problem.That PSU will run 3 of those cards in tri sli mode and still leave you some room to spare.Have fun with the 2x285's.
  5. It's not what would be my first choice, but it will certainly work.
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