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I've bought my new pc 3 months ago and i desided to overclock it like the ones before. Now i have an serius issue. People say they easly OC i5-750 on 4ghz. I oc it on 3.80ghz and i'm getting temps at crysis warhead at 65-66°C. with prime about 67°C.

Now i tried to Downclock it on 9x multipler (190mhz bus speed) so 1700 mhz and 1.088v voltage. temps dont fall below 45. at my previus cpu Q9400 at oc 3.52ghz i had 40°C iddle and 62°C full load. Now 50 iddle (at 3.8ghz) and 68°C full load. is that ok or not?

I'm using ZALMAN CNPS9700 cooler.

I have an Gigabyte P55-UD5 mobo, geil rams 1600mhz DDR3 4gb, HD5830, Lc power supply 750W and chasis with 7x 120mm fans.

Please i beg for responses,

Best Regards,
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  1. forgot to mention at 4.0ghz i get 76-78 temps
  2. hmmmmm thermal compound?? how did you apply it? i am runing the i5 661 from 3.33GHz to 4.16GHz and see maybe 65* temps on a Coolermaster V6GT cooler.

    as far as temps go make sure under full load they are under 70* C for it to have a good life span......idle temps should be 25-30*
  3. i see that your cooler has 6 heat pipes total......mine has 6 on each side.....this may be a sign to upgrade the CPU cooler....once you break the 4GHz barrier its kid of hard to keep the temps in check...

    sorry for the double post. lol
  4. hmm the thermal compound i re appliyed about 5x as i was sure that there has to be somthing wrong with applying it. got like 3 diff brands of it too. About the cooler any suggestions ?
  5. clean your HSF with detergent let Drying, clean fan insert thermal, install again
    let your chasing open up don't closed, we know how drop temperature.if temperature not DROP it mean your HSF not Suitable for OC processor, keep it & buy New HSF for OverClocking sutable Intel etc, Noctua, Sunbeam, Shynte probably your money
  6. omg this is unbelivable, i changed thermal paste 6th time now, used the one i got with cpu the first time, OC to 3.80 ghz = 40°C iddle, 60°C full load :D amazing !!!

    I belive i had some bad thermal paste or i applied it wrong or somthing idk, i used the one that ships with CPU and temps are aprox as on Q9400 :D 60°C for 3.8ghz thats not much right? :D

    I got another quest off topic, what is that mvv or somthing like that. at cpu advanced settings at bios ?
  7. 4ghz OC temps iddle 45°c - full load prime 66°c is that still OK ? as i read on intel max temp supposed to be 71°C
  8. Check your Bios
    DISABLED Smart Fan it can get your fan run
    DISABLED C3/4/6 STATE it can go more Volt for clock
  9. yeh i've done that already first time that i installed the cooler. I actualy have 1200 RPM limited FAN speed becouse it gets VERY laud at 2800 RPM. anyway now i've OCed to 4ghz and i'm getting at full load up to 70°C thats alittle too much i belive so i'm thinking to lower on 3.8ghz wich is okey too.

    My settings for 4ghz:
    CPU vcore: 1.375
    multipler: x20
    ram: 1.6v
    QPI: 1.3v
    cpu advanced control: 700mv
    somthing else control : 800mv
    bus ofc 200mhz speed
    ram 1600mhz atm
    all other settings for voltages on auto
    almost all cpu features turned off. C3 state and those aswell
  10. your Smart fan must be Disabled don't Auto ,
  11. Hello why should i disable smart fan ? if i do that it will go from 1600-2800 RPM wich is very laud and since my cooler cools CPU aprox same at 1600RPM then 2800 its not wourth the noise :D

    Anyway now running stable 3800mhz (ram 1600), at 1.25v 42°c iddle - 67°C full load 4 hrs i belive thats okey
  12. good to hear that you got you temps under control!!!! haha anything under 70*C under full load is nice and dandy. :D

    always start with the foundation when you are trouble shooting heat issues with your CPU and GPU.

    If you think its not worth the extra nios then dont disable the smart fan.....anyway with it active if your temps go up the RPMs of the fan will as well to cool better but if you want comfort then go for it :D
  13. heh yea. Thanks for all the help guys =) wouldnt try the paste again without your help :D

    last question, wich CPU cooler for air cooling you recommend mostly for my system ? so i can OC higher ?
  14. i guess I am a lil biast to Coolermaster cause they have never let me down. I have the V6GT and it works wonders and im at 4GHz + on my 1156 based i5 but generally you should look for a cooler that has a large heat sink and the more heat pipes coming from the base plate the better heat transfer you will get so it will cool better. also look for high flowing fans on the cooler.....the more air flow the better it will dissipate the heat from the fins to the ambient air..

    remember ALWAYS keep your temps in check!!! :D
  15. if you feel Ok, test again your OC with Intelburtest20X, OCCT Linkpack 1hour, Prime95 2hours, if one software test say Fully Stable your OC... yes all right!
  16. I'm kinda OCing fan so dw about watching on temps .). I was always setisfied with zalman about coolers, all tho i heard they're not realy best performance.

    I've been thinking to buy watercooling but i have alot of misjudges about it. I heard its loud + u have another box outside PC and i dont like that :D plus its expensive.

    somthing like Noctua NH-U12P or Zalman CNPS10X Extreme

    but still not sure :D current temps are not bad at all so might stay with this one too :d
  17. henydiah said:
    if you feel Ok, test again your OC with Intelburtest20X, OCCT Linkpack 1hour, Prime95 2hours, if one software test say Fully Stable your OC... yes all right!

    for your overclock to be truly stable Prime95 should be run for 24hrs but i say 6 without crashing is stable enough! if you can carry out CPU intense applications and not have it crash then you will be ok.....

    i have seen OCs that last 4-5hours stable and then crash due to starving the CPU of voltage just by a little bit.
  18. I stilll have problems i cant disabled freaking fan speed =(.

    In Easy Tune 6 i setup advanced controls for speed and at 65°C no metter what i do i get 2800RPM on fan and its freaking laud.

    anyway to disabled this crap?

    My cpu is able to go to 71°C (intel spec) and i after 48 hrs prime 95 i had max temp 68... but noise is crazy !

    anyway to disabled this auto fan speed at 65°C ?

    I got it locked on 1400 rpm so its quiet but mobo auto it at 2800 on 65°C.

    Thanks for help !
  19. Im gona buy Noctua NH-C12P SE14 today. I think this CPU cooler will allow me even OC on 4ghz with cool temps ? :)
  20. Hmm i purchased Nuctoa cooler but temps are 5-6°C higher not lower :O....

    Might be problem since i applied kind of low amount of thermal paste?
  21. never mind, false alarm. Reattached the cooler and now temps are 4-8°C lover =)

    + NO LAUDNESS out of pc :D happy !

    Thanks all for help !
  22. One quastion, I tried to OC cpu on 4.0ghz and my temps on full load were about 70°C. Thats bad isnt it? That was coming out with 1.248v cpu vcore.
  23. Yeh but when i incresse Vcore as i cant get it stable it goes up to 75°C =/
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