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I have an ASUS P4G8X motherboard with a P4 2.8Ghz processor and 1gb RAM with Windows XP Pro installed. The computer was working fine, but now it won't boot up windows. It comes up with the Windows boot menu, where it asks to choose between safemode or normal. When you choose normal, the Windows logo shows up with the loading bar and it looks normal. Then the screen goes black and the mouse shows up but thats its; and it never moves. If you choose safe mode, it loads like normal then the screen goes black with "safe mode" in all 4 corners and the mouse, but thats it.

It has an older 40GB ide drive in it for the system HD and a SATA 500 gb storage drive. My first thought was bad windows system files or the older 40GB hd, but I can't get the machine to boot off the windows CD. I tried taking out the 40GB and using the 500 SATA for the system drive, but it won't boot off the CD even though it is set to first priority on the boot and the computer recognizes both the IDE DVD-RW drive and the SATA harddrive. Im kinda thinking that the motherboard is shot; any suggestions?

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  1. I forgot to mention that when I try and boot off the CD it starts spinning and after the BIOS stuff it goes to a black screen that says Press a Key to Reboot, and it does this everytime, even after you press a key and it restarts. This happens with the old hard drive and the new SATA one.
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