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Hi there my 8600gt died and am thinking of getting either a GTS 250 or 9800gt as replacement, cant afford any better. My PSU is a thermaltake PurePower 500W with 14 and 15 and on the 12v1 and 12v2 rails respectively. The GTS supposedly needs combined 30 amps on the 12v but im not exactly sure what that means, because it will only be using one connector. Any help will be appreciated!
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  1. the 4850 would be better
  2. That PSU would be just at the edge with those cards. If you were to get lets say a Corsair PSU that would be playing it safe lol.
  3. yea but watchin the power intake nah,....o i forgot as well specs:

    CPU: Athlonx2 4400+ Brisbane
    SOUND:Soundblaster Live! Value
    HDD:WD Caviar Blue 7200rpm 500GB
    and a floppy drive lol
  4. :( yea i was thinkin taht Axeon but im already at the ends of my budget here....
  5. Well that 500W is enough to run the GTS 250/4850 without a problem...So go ahead and get any one of those, which ever is cheaper...
  6. Most manufacturers recommend a rating of 24A or 25A on the 12V rail(s) for the GTS 250. You have a rating of 29A. It also needs only one 6-pin PCI-E power connector, and you just happen to have only one of them. It should work just fine in your system. The 4850 requires a bit more power than the GTS 250, but should also fall within limits.

    I'm not certain it's entirely accurate, but try consulting this chart:
    You'll need to zoom in, but you'll find that the cards you're considering appear in roughly the 80-110W peak range, with the 9800GTX+ (65nm models) requiring the most of them all.
  7. Thanx guys went with the GTS 250 :)
  8. nice..

    i got a e7400 and a gts250 using a 500-watt silverstone psu.. it has an 85% efficiency:D
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