What stress test should I use?

I recently downloaded MSI Afterburner, and it seems pretty simple to use. I don't know what to OC my graphics card to though without it blowing up on on me *sarcasim* What stress test should I use to see if my graphics card is safe?
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  1. use software OCCT can download in
    in OCCT you can Test GPU full
  2. Okay, I used OCCT to OC my CPU, so I already have it. =D Thanks!
  3. I did the test, but it said 37,760 errors. Does that mean it worked or not?
  4. Definitely not, but try with MSI kombustor-
    Normally, i would suggest decrease the oc, test again, until its fairly stable-
  5. So it didn't work?
  6. Just go with the basic Furmark http://www.geeks3d.com/20100419/tool-furmark-1-8-2-available/

    Edit to add more information: MSI Kombustor is based in Furmark V1.7 The current version of the open source Furmark is 1.8.2. The link I provided leads to the most current version.
  7. hmm ... your GPU driver crash with new update driver,.. Control panel Add/remove program your driver VGA and than Reboot. press F8 go Safemode : open program Driver Sweeper in safe mode do it, software driver sweeper can download in http://www.guru3d.com/category/driversweeper, change last driver VGA and CLEAN,
    reboot again windows normal install again driver VGA old version, good luck
  8. Must run Prime95 for 8-24 hours with no errors.
    Enable round-off error checking.
    PCIe in the bios should not be AUTO or over 100 MHZ.
    Overclock your GPU.
    Run a game or 3DMark Vantage or Furmark.
    Check for artifacts.
  9. Prime95 for your CPU....i tried intel burn test but its not that great....run prime 95 over night and if it didn't crash you have a stable overclock and keep your temps in check.

    for GPU 3Dmark vantage is what i use and its good cause every little tweak you do it will display a score and you can compare your OCs
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