USB 2.0's don't work, EP45-UD3R mobo,

My case is the coolermaster CM 690, my mobo the Gigabyte EP45-UD3R, and my PSU is the Antec Earthwatts 650W.

Whenever I plug a USB component in, it doesn't get power from the USB slot. My case allows for a few USB slots on the back, connected directly through your motherboard, and two on the top, to be used with a connector plugged into the mobo. I have that connector, that should be allowing my front USB slots to provide power, plugged into the right place on the mobo, and still nothing will work. Even on the back, where the USB's are a feature of the motherboard, they still won't work. This is the most odd because usually if your mobo is getting power, then those USB slots should work, and my motherboard is getting power. I know because everything else connected to it turns on and operates. What is wrong here?
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  1. You didn't say whether this is a new problem, or has been true since the original build. If its a new problem, did you change anything :) ?

    In BIOS, Integrated Peripherals screen, are USB 1.0 and 2.0 Controllers "Enabled"?

    If that's not it, unplug ALL usb devices - all - and reboot. Let it go as far as it will go in that condition. Then turn the system off - hold in the power button if need be.

    Then power up again, let it go as far as it will. Plug in your keyboard and mouse if USB and reboot. If kb/mouse are not USB - or after reboot - plug in any other USB device. Does that device work now?
  2. well actually I am in the process of the build itself. I had been having monitor issues, so as of now I have yet to even access my BIOS. All of my internal components are in, so once I get my monitor issue fixed, I will be at the stage of the build when I can start configuring my BIOS, and installing the software and component drivers.

    Once I get my monitor issue solved, then I will try what you suggested but in the meantime, is there anything else I can do?
  3. If your monitor has USB ports and runs a cable to your PC, the monitor's hub may well be the issue. If so, pull its cord - for now at least. And pull any other USB devices.
  4. Let's just wait 'till we get a monitor, and, mainly, a BIOS! With all the cabling issues, it's probably something simple - don't get too excited until it's running...
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