Please help a guy who is totally lost

Hello, I'm beginning to get tired of this machine i put together once when i didn't know what i was doing. I'm still not sure, that's why i'm asking for help :ange:

I only have one part that i know i want in this new system.

AMD Phenom II x3 720

with all the other parts, i'm pretty much oblivious.
If you have any thoughts of what i should put together in this system please post it :)

My budget is around 850 - 1000$

I don't need keyboard, mouse, speakers, OS, monitor, HDD, chassis or dvd-drive.

Thanks in advance
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  1. LG DVD Drive $22 WD 640GD HD $75 CM 690 $80 Corsair 650TX $100 - $20 MIR Xigma CPU Cooler $36 - $10MIR 4GB DDR2 800 $45 - $25 MIR 1GB 4870 $200 - $30 MIR Phenom II 720BE and Biostar 790GX $212
    or or Phenom II 940BE and Biostar 790GX + $48

    720BE $850 - $85 MIR / $765 after MIR or 940BE $900 - $85 MIR / $815 after MIR 9800GT $80. Save $100 compared to the 4870, you get what you pay for but right now a 9800GT is enough to run high for most any games now. OCZ 600W $70 - $20 MIR. Save $30. I'd get this if you need to save money and if you don't leave your CPU on 24-7. Antec 300 case $60. Save $20. A little bit smaller. You could go either way on the cases regardless of price.

    What resolution are you playing at?
  2. Wait, do you need a keyboard, mouse, speakers, OS and monitor as well?
  3. No thank you, i got that covered :) i run at 1680 x 1050.

    Since the motherboard you have linked in the bundle (biostar) is mostly used for people who choose to overclock their CPU's i think i'm gonna make a pass on that one.

    A motherboard that caught my attention was

    But doesn't seem to work with phenom.
  4. well actually that is an excellent suggestion that MykC made,that combo is one of the most cost effective, bang for your buck deals currently, and isnt truly to intent for overclockers, so i wouldnt worry about that one, and the motherboard you have posted is completely incompatible with any amd cpu as it is a intel based motherboard.
  5. There is this combo for both CPUs now. Phenom II 940BE, Gigabyte 790GX board $290
  6. Just changed my budget :) want something that can hold a little longer this time :P
    My previous rig costed me 1800 $ and it has been a dissapointment...
  7. Moving upto the 940BE and Gigabyte board is a $78 upgrade and you do get your moneys worth. The only thing that I would recommend upgrading is the PSU, get a PC Power and Cooling 750W PSU for $125 - $25MIR.

    Pocket whatever money you have leftover and buy a second 1GB $4870 before they stop being produced or when you fell the GPU is holding your gaming back.
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