What memory is better for Gigabyte G31M-ES2L?


I've already purchased a G31m-Es2l rev 2.x with E5200 dual core cpu. Now, I'm planning to purchase a single stick of DDR2 memory. I'm on strict budget for now so I'm planning to purchase the other 2gb after 2 months.

My budget for this 2gb is only $25. My friend is working from a company and he can get me these memory for that amount. If you check newegg or any other online computer stores, this will be around $28-30 (not including tax). My friend is going to buy it for me.

However, there are only 2 options. Unfortunately, any other suggestions might not work for me unless it is less than 25 and a better choice.

I'm not planning to overclock now or in the future.

Option 1 is:

KINGSTON value ram kvr800d2n6/2g 2gb ddr2 800


Option 2 is:

Crucial 2GB CT25664AA800 2gb ddr2 800


What do you think is a better choice for my mobo. I've checked mobo memory list from Gigabyte and both are not listed (which is not an issue, I think).

Please help! I'm hoping I can get an answer so I can buy it tomorrow with my friend.

Thank you so much!!!

EDIT: My plan is 2gb now then 2gb later to take advantage of dual channel. I'll be installing Windows 7 64bit / Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit / Snow Leo.
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  1. I prefer crucial over kingston, but either one will work. I wouldn't wait too long to add a second stick. Memory prices for ddr2 may continue to rise over time as ddr3 becomes more popular.
  2. Yeah, I noticed that too. But when the time comes that I have money for a 2nd piece of ddr2, I'll buy it right away. :)
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