Nvidia or Ati.

Hi there :D
Im going to make myself a new built for gaming.
I already have a 750Watt power suply.
And i thought about a Phenom II
Now my question is.
Will i get better performance if i get an ATI card, like a 4890 with a Amd cpu ?

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  1. With an AMD, - ATI
    Reason - You can add another card in xfre later with that 750W...
    With i7 - aTI/Nvidia
  2. If you buy a MOTHERBOARD for the PHENOM II,and it has an AMD CHIPSET,I believe you'll have better compatability,and that real nice ATI 4890 you want will probably perform very well.An AMD chipset is optimized for AMD cpu and ATI graphics.So ya,go for it.Goodluck.
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