Acronis and SSD

There is a "sector by sector" option in Acronis backup. I wonder if this would avoid misalignment of SSD. Any idea?
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  1. Andy
    I used win 7 BU to create a system Image of My 80 gig Intel SSD to a HDD (it did both the Small system partition and the Operating system partition). I then stuk my new Phoenix pro 102 gig drive in and used win 7 installation disk to restore to the new SSD. I then went into Disk manager and expanded the 80 gig to fill the 120 gig. When I checked alignment, it showed it was aligned.

    Unforunately, I will need to reinstall (Clean). The problem - The Intel G2 used the default AHCI driver, For nominal performance with the new SSD I need to load the Intel RST AHCI driver. Apparently can not just update the driver.
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