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Hi ;-) Wanted a new gaming rig so i leave it upt to you the experts to help me with the specs - have a budget equvialent to $1400
Not including the i7 - 920 intel core i want. This must just include the desktop specs already have a 22 inch Samsung Syncmaster 2253GW Lcd and speakers, as well as keybard and mouse.

Need you to actually build the system for gaming - not going to overclock too.

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  1. Pretty hard to say you wont oc a i7 build :).

    You will want to after a while.

    hmm, 1400 will cut it pretty low but, it can be done.

    wd640gb black hdd

    ocz platinums 3x2gb

    asus p6t deluxe v2

    pc powercooling red 750w ( for crossfire later on )

    LG dvd - not to bright on these, might need more information on them.

    darkknight s1283v

    You can just stick with a stockcooler instead of using this if you dont plan on oc'ing much.

    antec 1200

    the coolermaster haf is another suggestion

    sapphire 4870 1gb

    chose this because the x2 is over the limit, you can crossfire later on if needed but, do plan on a new monitor as well for the x2, 24"

    i7 920

    arctic silver 5 for the dark knight s1283v

    Get the 64-bit of windows vista home premium.

    should run you at $1330-1340 then theres the 30 dollar rebate.
  2. I like FullMetall's build but I would change the case. You can save some money by going w/ the Antec 900 or the coolermaster 690. Both are great cases and the higher airflow of the full towers is not necessary if you don't plan on overclocking. Also, if you're really set on not overclocking (How could you not? :P) then just go w/ the stock cooler. You might take the extra money and consider a 4850x2 -


    It should be able to max every game out on a 22"

    I would also change the mobo to the P6T non deluxe -


    It's an outstanding overclocker in its own right and is essentially the same as the deluxe for the OP's purposes. The deluxe is really only necessary if you're trying to push a high end OC. $$$ can be saved here. Fantastic board!
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