Pentium4 presscottoverclock 3.2ghz barrier help

MOBO p4m800-m7
processor Pentium 4 506 2.66 GHZ (3.2ghz oc) 53 idle 60 load
512 ram ddr
bios is AMI bios 101905

overclocked my 2.66 to 3.2 ghz(161 x 20) and wanted 3.8 ghz but when i get over 3.2 ghz, my processor downclocks it self..displaying 2.26 in CPU z instead 3.2+ ghz
could be the outdated bios of someting pls help.
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  1. You may have reached the limit for your CPU. Prescott's do not have the OC headroom the the Core2's do.

    Or try a better cooler.
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