EP45-UD3R Need advice on reaching 1200MHz RAM.

I am able to set my RAM timings and Voltage to specs and just bump my E5300 from 200MHz to 266MHz for 1066 without a hitch and no fiddling at all. But I can't get my cpu any further without dropping my ram divider down.

Can someone offer me some advice on getting these memory to go higher? I tried raising VTT and NB, but it won't post at all above 266.

I am running EasyTune6 and my CPU is at 280 andd ram is 1120, but it won't boot at these settings. EasyTune says all voltages are at stock and my vcore is 1.184v - 2.000v

any advice will be gratefully appreciated.
ps, I'm running Prime95 (Blend) while adjusting with EasyTune6.

pss. Do I need all my BIOS settings on auto for EasyTune6 to work? Or can I manually set my CPU to 266 and my boot strap to 266 and still adjust my CPU speed from within EasyTune?
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  1. Post some RAM specs - mfg, p/n, and stick count; I'll try to help. First thing is to uninstall EasyTune; it's known to be buggy as a termite mound (all three versions); do your OC in the BIOS - it's infinitely more stable... If you want your RAM to run as fast as it is capable of, the first thing to do is 'characterize it', one stick at a time; you do this by cranking down your CPU multiplier, so the CPU is below stock speed, and then cranking up the RAM to successively higher speeds, and running MemTest86+:
    for a couple passes to verify at each speed, and keep carefull records - I just put a little 'spot' label on 'em as I get 'em, and ti lives there 'till they're obsolete, and go in the trash!

    The 'basic' settings (sans any actual speed adjustments) for OCing on that board are:

    On the "Advanced BIOS Features" page:

    "CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E)" to "Disabled"
    "C2/C2E State Support" to "Disabled"
    "C4/C4E State Support" to "Disabled"
    "CPU Thermal Monitor 2 (TM2)" to "Enabled"
    "CPU EIST Function" to "Disabled"
    "Virtualization Technology" to "Enabled" - this allows use of Win7's fantastic VirtualXp feature...
    "Full Screen LOGO Show" to "Disabled"

    On the "Integrated Peripherals" page:

    Your manual shows "Legacy USB storage detect", but later BIOS say "USB Storage Function" - either way, set to "Disabled"

    On the "Power Management Setup" page:

    "ACPI Suspend Type" to "S1(POS)" (for now...)
    "HPET Support" to "Enabled"
    "HPET Mode" to whichever OS type you're running - "32-bit" if an x86 version, "64-bit" if an x64 version...

    On the "MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.)" page:

    "Robust Graphics Booster" to "Auto" (I've always loved the name of this one - just sounds cool to me...)
    "PCI Express Frequency (Mhz)" to "100" (not auto...)
    "C.I.A.2" to "Disabled"

    ******** DRAM Performance Control ********
    "Performance Enhance" to "Standard"
    "Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.)" to "Disabled"
  2. OK, I installed EasyTune6 (Which is my new favorite OC Tool as it allows me to adjust my voltages). II was able to get my CPU to 280 before BSOD at stock settings. I theen went in to the BIOS and setup my RAM timings (6-6-6-18) and when I got back to EasyTune6 I couldn't get 270?

    I deccided to set my bootstrap ( (G)MCH ) to 266 and go fromthere. When I rebooted EasyTune said my vcore was 1.3375v and MCH Core (NB) went up to 1.2v. I was able to get my CPU past what I wanted and reached 310 before Prime95 gave me a rounding error. This put my memory 1240!! So I got past my 1200MHz with such ease. I love this board. I thought it was going to be days of fine tuning to get memory 1200MHz stable. I also noticed none of my other voltages changed at all and I never needed to adjust anything!

    I then went into the BIOS and just bumped up my CPU to 307 (3.991GHZ!) and it booted. I thought for sure I was going to BSOD and need to fine tune my voltages anyway, but it booted without a hitch.

    To my suprise, when I fired up EasyTune6 I found all my voltages had changed. They seem quite high and may need lowering.

    CPU PLL was 1.5000v now 1.75000v
    CPU VTT was 1.2000v now 1.40000v
    vcore was 1.2375v now 1.3875v
    MCH Core was 1.1000v now 1.4000v

    The rest remain the same. I even had Speedstep and EIST enabled still! I think ET6 isnn't showing the voltages that are changing automatically (vtt or nb) as I OC. Is there a way to manually update the page so the voltages show up properly?


    On the "MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.)" page:

    "Robust Graphics Booster" to "Auto" (I've always loved the name of this one - just sounds cool to me...)
    "C.I.A.2" to "Disabled"

    ******** DRAM Performance Control ********
    "Performance Enhance" to "Standard"

    What the heck are these? I was hoping for a disable feature, but you're forced to choose a setting.

    I'll also try all those settings when I try to fine tune my clocks. Then hopefully SpeedStep and EIST will work when done.

    also, can you explain what the power management page does? First thing I do when installing windows is disabling screen saver (which win 7 does by default!) and set never for my monitor to go to sleep. I've had so many crashes in the past from these two features enabled that they get turned off immediately!

    Thanks a ton for all the help
    ps, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RTM
  3. That board puts the cpu pll voltage too high when on auto. I have a UD3P which does the same thing. With a dual core, you should not need it higher than 1.5V, which is stock. The highest you should go to be safe 24/7 is about 1.61V. And 1.4V is the maximum safe voltage for cpu vtt. You can most likely run stable with it lower. This assumes your temperatures are good.
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