Did i burn my motherboard?

Before i start, let me say that i have an asus crosshair motherboard and a belkin surge protectior. I was playing a game when a lightning struck (sounded pretty close) and my computer made a really loud popping noise, probably from the speakers. So i turned it off to prevent any damage, but the funny thing is is that it kept working fine. After the storm ended i tried to turn it back on but it keeps getting suck in the bios screen, it checks the ram, and after its done it just gets stuck, it wont even let me go into the bios configuration. I dont understand what happened or how this could have happened given that i had a surge protectior, did the surge go throu my modem? Because the ethernet port it was connected to isnt working either. I also tried cycling memory and trying to boot up with 2 sticks, but the onboard screen gave the error "ovrclck" which isnt even listed in the manual.

Thanks for the input guys.
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  1. Anyone? Could it have fried thru the modem?
  2. Yes, lighting will induce surges in all wiring. Lighting hit a next door neighbor's house in Chicago. It fried my modem's surge protector. The $400 modem was protected by a $50 surge protector. My friend had the same modem without modem surge protector and lost his modem to a lighting strike. Modem ports are available on the some surge protector strips and/or UPS systems. Live and learn!
  3. Your mobo or parts PC not only can be burn for the power cord, also can be burn with the moden line or TV input.

    The best option for you is that some friend borrow her PSU and try with this, if doesn't work try with another mobo and if with the borrow mobo works...happy new year...you need a new mobo.

    PD. Sorry for my bad english, isn't my native language.
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