I7-920 ASRock x58 Extreme OC to 4GHZ

I have a i7-920 with an ASRock x58 Extreme mobo.
My goal is to overclock to 4ghz.
How do I do that?
And yes, i have an aftermarket cooler.
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  1. welcome new ocer
    1. check your bios if like this : Main... Smart ... Advanve
    please update Bios via Asrock Instant Flash go site support your mobo and finish upadate like this Main... Octweaker... Advance..., in the OCtweaker you can do anything CPU Ratio, VCORE, QPI etc....
    2. Download software CPU-Z, HWmonitor Pro, Test Stabilly Prime95, OCCT/Intel burntest
    3. Oc Step by step , be pattient when your Oc
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